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At Orchid Island Dog Spa, our goal is to make sure that your pet’s every need is cared for.

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Orchid Island Dog Spa

Orchid Island Dog Spa proudly serves the pets of Vero Beach, FL! Please feel free to call us at 772-217-8257 for any other concerns you might have.

Dr. Reina Hagstrom and Dr. Peter Mosites had been practicing veterinary medicine for 5 years when they started their practice at Mermaid Vet Hospital, in Vero Beach, Florida. The facility the building was located in had some boarding capacity, allowing them to offer veterinary-directed care for pets with additional health considerations or simply provide peace of mind to clients who would be out of town and wanted to ensure their pet was receiving medical and scientifically driven care decisions during their stay. However, space and staffing were limited, resulting in the service being limited only to existing clients and only on certain dates.

Over time, the demand for true wellness-driven boarding practices over well marketed but ultimately meaningless add-ons became apparent.

In addition, both doctors recognized the incredible opportunity to provide a unified voice with which to educate their clients and the public at large on the health of their pets. While clients speak with their veterinarian twice yearly during wellness exams, they see their groomers, daycare providers, and trainers, not to mention employees at pet stores, on a weekly, if not daily, basis. As a result, a disconnect developed between the best practices recommended by doctors twice yearly and the at times dangerous advice repeatedly provided by other well-meaning parties between vet visits.

A clear solution presented itself when Orchid Island Dog Spa became available for acquisition. What if they could provide quality boarding, grooming, and daycare services with trained veterinary staff to consistently provide the best possible advice for the health of pets? What if there was a facility focused on transparency regarding potential contagious diseases outbreaks over their “reputation”? One willing to discuss the effects of stress during a kennel stay rather than imploring “Fluffy loves it here!” over and over again? Willing to recognize that there is no such thing as a “bad breed”? Willing to lose the business of one client to ensure the health of all the other pets in their care?

The transition and changes to reach this goal are proving to be far from easy, but the goal of a healthier pet population and owners equipped with the knowledge to best care for their pets will be well worth the effort.