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Thank you for giving Orchid Island Dog Spa the opportunity to care for your pet(s).

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Please complete this form prior to bringing your pet in to be boarded with us. This form is used to make a boarding reservation and new client form. Please call us at 772-217-8257 to make a boarding reservation.

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Medication Distribution 2x/day $5.50 Additional $4.50 for increased frequency *Please ask the office to provide a Medication Form to fill out*

Rules, Regulations & Waiver

INJURIES & ILLNESS: Although animals are supervised at all times, injuries can still occur while dogs are playing together such as scratches, cuts or sprained joints. Such injuries are rare, but may result during active play. In addition, while infrequent, fights can occur between guests, even under close supervision. Common areas for bites as a result of these fights are the snout, ears, neck and paws. At Orchid Island Dog Spa & Resort, we have procedures to screen dogs for aggressive behavior and we do not allow aggressive dogs to participate in group activities. However, even the friendliest of dogs can get into fights with very little or no warning.
In addition to injuries, it is possible for dogs to transfer illness such as upper respiratory infections and kennel cough, even with the required vaccinations and boosters. If we are informed that a recent or current guest has been diagnosed with a contagious illness, we will make an announcement to inform pet parents of other guests who may have been exposed to or who may have introduced the illness.
In addition to the risk of acquiring an illness during their stay, it is also possible for an illness to develop or present itself as a result of the inherent stress of boarding. The most common form this will take is inappetance or loose stool. However, pre existing or underlying conditions may also be exacerbated as a result of the stress of being away from home. Please refer to the Veterinary Care Authorization form for our policies in monitoring, notifying, and treating any illness noted while under our care.
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